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Innovative Geothermal HVAC System

Geo-Power System (revolutionary air conditioning system using renewable underground energy) has now officially launched in the U.S.A.


It's only natural...

...that in a world that is compelling us to simplify our lifestyles, and necessitating that builders conform to more stringent environmental standards, innovative solutions to ecological challenges are born within a tradition that places high value on the simple and pure, the natural and healthful.


Geo Power System's highly acclaimed and award-winning technology, has steadily and justifiably won for itself an impressive place in Japan's green building industry-with it's geothermal energy solutions the preferred choice in more than 70% of all officially recognized green buildings in Japan.


Not just green......pristine!

  • Geo Power System: The geothermal HVAC solution that...
  • Moderates temperature differences between 14 and 18 degrees F
  • Lowers heating and cooling bills
  • Purifies indoor air, removing 95% of dust and 99% of pollen
  • Includes automatic air circulation and ventilation
  • Naturally controls humidity
  • Operates in an entirely chemical-free environment
  • Reduces CO2 emissions

With low operating and maintenance costs and no compressors, chemicals, or burners, the Geo Power System is a safe and economical component of green buildings. At home, this means greater comfort, health, and security for families. In a business context, it translates into fewer hours of absence and greater productivity, which could be even more significant than the energy savings gained. In short, the Geo Power System provides natural comfort that is good for the environment, people, and their wallets.


Tried and True...

Embraced with pride by owners, the Geo Power System's numerous awards and growing track record are a testament to its innovative design, efficient reliable operation, and originality in combining the natural inclinations of the Japanese spirit with cutting edge technology.

Good Design Award 2007

Presented by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization, the Good Design Award is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system.

Japanesque Modern Collection 2006

The Japanesque Modern collection of distinctive products is selected by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as exhibiting the union of Japanese culture, design, and aesthetics with advanced technology.

Business Opportunities

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  • Patented in Japan and the U.S.A. (U.S. patent # 6,293,120)
  • Installed in over 800 green buildings in Japan
  • Handled by over 100 dealers in Japan (as of December 2008)
  • Endorsed by the government of Japan
  • Winner of many prestigious awards

  • Simple design and components, easy construction, and easy maintenance
  • Suitable for all buildings (detached houses, factories, offices, schools, and shopping malls, etc.)
  • Available for new construction or renovations
  • Lower initial and running costs compared to conventional geothermal systems
  • Helps reduce CO2 emissions
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